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Choosing a pushchair...

Is always a personal choice but it is not always as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of different options to pick between and it’s worth taking some time to make sure you get the right one to suit you and your needs. There are many factors to take into consideration and making the right choice will benefit both you and your child. The colour of the pushchair you select is a personal choice but the type and style of pushchair should be governed by your needs.

Factors to consider it's really worth thinking about your needs and your Quinny Speedi Pushchairlifestyle before you buy. For instance, if you regularly use public transport or live in a building where you have to go up or down stairs, then weight and portability will probably be the key deciding factors for you.

If you are a family who do lots of walking i.e. countryside, beach, woods etc then you should maybe consider one of the sturdier three wheeler type pushchairs.

Points to consider:

  • Is the pushchair too heavy for your needs?

  • Handle height and grip position is it comfortable to push?

  • Size when folded, does it have a carrying handle?

  • Will it fit in your car boot when folded?

  • Is it light enough for your needs?

  • Does it have one handed easy fold mechanism?

  • Will it be suitable for public transport e.g. hopping on and off buses?

  • Maneuverability, does it turn easily?

  • Does it have the necessary back support for your baby if under 6 months?

  • Is it comfortable for baby?

  • Good suspension makes it a smoother ride for you and your baby

  • Is it sturdy enough for baby and your needs do you need an all terrain mountain buggy?

  • Has it got a basket for baby's things and is it large enough for your needs?

  • Has it got a rain cover and is it suitable for summer and winter use?

  • Do you need an all in one system pram/pushchair/ carry cot etc?

  • Do you want baby to face towards you in the first few months?

  • Is it light enough to transport up and down stairs if required?

  • Does it have a bumper?

  • Has it got side protection?

  • Does it have a good positive braking system?

  • Has it got lockable wheels?

  • Has it got a fixed front wheel?

  • Is it easy to maintain are the seat and cover fabrics washable?

  • Does it have pneumatic tires, and if so does it come with a hand pump?

  • Does it have a sun canopy or storm cover?

  • What accessories come with it or will you need to buy these at an extra cost

Types of Pushchairs

The three wheeler pushchair:

Maclaren Techno XT1 PushchairLooks trendy, a great pushchair to have especially if you live near the countryside and do a lot of walking. They are not usually suitable from birth although you can get attachments to adapt them. They are very easy to steer. May be heavy and bulky when folded down and you need to consider if it will fit in your car boot.

Four wheeled Forward facing pushchair:

Light and maneuverable and can have a lie back facility suitable for newborn babies. Some are lighter than others.
Buggies and strollers:

Many are not suitable for the very young babies as they do not have back support although some do, check before you buy. Robust and lightweight. Check for easy to operate one-hand fold mechanisms these are usually the best ones. Some have large accessible shopping baskets watch out for those that are small as they are usually inadequate for baby’s things. Some do not even have a shopping basket. Check the buggy is comfortable and well padded, with good suspension and rain cover and is suitable for summer and winter use.

Two-in-one pram / buggy:

Mamas and Papas Aria Pushchair Can be used in the lie flat position in the same way as a pram and also as an upright buggy. Some allow you to face baby towards you with a reversible body which you will find a comfort for young babies for the first few months.


As the above, but with a separate detachable carrycot.

Travel System pram / pushchair:

Some Prams or pushchairs also have a detachable carrycot system, and come with a clip-on car seat; these are great for keeping a baby asleep when transferring to or from the car. Watch out for weight, portability, maneuverability and cost.

The good old fashioned upright pram:

Grandparents love them, comfortable for baby - but your child will quickly grow out of it, babies as early as three months old are very keen to look out and about and they take up a lot of room when you need to store it away.

Pushchairs and Strollers - The term stroller is American English and the term pushchair is British English. The child usually sits facing forwards. "Pushchair" was the popularly used term in the UK between its invention and the early 1980s, when a more compact design known as a "buggy" became the trend. Buggy is now the regular term used in the UK, however buggy is often used in American English to refer to a pram. The strict definition of pram is a vehicle for moving a baby around which consists of a small enclosed bed supported by a frame on four wheels. Newer versions of pushchairs can be configured to carry a baby lying down like a low pram and then be altered or reconfigured to carry the child in the forward facing position.
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